Rashneel Kumar

Rashneel Kumar

Cook Islands has secured expressions of interests for significant grant funding to support Marae Moana.

Henry Puna’s criticism comes as oceans conservationist Jacqui Evans donates $100,000 of her award money to set up a charitable foundation. Rashneel Kumar reports.

Brittle battle in tennis

Friday January 10, 2020

Let there be no doubt that Cook Islands’ young tennis players have hit the big time: they have been practising in Auckland this week on the court next to World No 1 Serena Williams.

Notchya claims the Touch competition at the Cook Islands Beach Games.

Dengue bites back again in New Year

Thursday January 09, 2020

Two probable cases of dengue were recorded in the first week of 2020, bringing the total number to 128 since the outbreak began a year ago.

The Opposition has slammed Prime Minister Henry Puna’s decision to speak about the Marae Moana ocean sanctuary at a paid event in United States yesterday.

A local IT consultant is looking forward to a faster and efficient internet when the Manatua cable goes live in the coming months.

Cook Islands is now hooked up to the world through a 3600km undersea cable just 19mm thick – barely the breadth of an adult’s thumb.

Opportunity to impress selectors

Wednesday January 08, 2020

Netball Cook Islands will hold trials for local players hoping to make the national under-21 team for the 2021 World Youth Cup in Fiji.

The fuel company at the centre of the diesel leak in Avatiu harbour is stalling investigations into the major spill.

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