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New protest at fishing deal planned

Monday November 16, 2015

With another multi-million dollar fishing deal about to be signed with the EU, the people of the Cook Islands are set to wave their placards and banners against purse seine fishing in another protest march against the government.

Paddles display stunning artwork

Saturday November 14, 2015

Vaka Eiva paddles have been splashed with the stunning colours, carvings and designs of diversity in this year’s Matson Vaka Eiva 2015 Paddle Art Exhibition.

Esther Honey gets the boot

Saturday November 14, 2015

The future of the Esther Honey Foundation is not looking sweet, with the government refusing to renew the lease of their Nikao veterinary clinic.

A new report reveals fish aggregating devices are more than just a “fad,” with an estimated 121,000 used in waters across the globe and researchers urging governments and international bodies to strengthen fishing regulations.

Mamas love modern Maori musicians

Thursday November 12, 2015

Local vaine could not hide their love of the handsome performers who make up New Zealand’s Modern Maori Quartet.

CPA acting head visits

Wednesday November 11, 2015

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s acting Secretary-General Joe Omorodion visited the Cook Islands last week to see how national parliamentary services could be strengthened.

The Revenue Management Division has been working hard to alleviate sress and complications for local people wanting to pay their VAT and PAYE returns.

Atiu visit makes lifetime memories

Wednesday November 11, 2015

The senior students of Apii Te Uki Ou have returned from the trip of a lifetime to Atiu, where they were generously given firsthand experience of life in the Pa Enua.

Prime Minister Henry Puna is struggling to keep his dream of a massive marine park afloat, with only incremental progress made on the project since it was announced over three years ago.

Modern Maori Quartet set to impress

Tuesday November 10, 2015

Prepare to be serenaded by the sweet sounds of four New Zealand Maori boys who are ready to sing for their supper in Rarotonga this week.

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