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CABINET- Everyone’s on island

Monday January 25, 2016

Prime Minister Henry Puna will be back at the helm of Cabinet this week with business stacking up for the national leadership team.

Mermaid tails scrutinised

Monday January 25, 2016

The Cook Islands Water Safety Council is looking into whether mermaid tails should be banned here, after a number of safety concerns in New Zealand.

Reaction has been widespread and divisive to a local teacher who was arrested at Auckland airport for failing to meet his student loan repayment obligations.

Stranding investigated

Monday January 25, 2016

The Ministry of Transport has begun an investigation into the cause of the stranding of the longliner Wairau which went aground early on Tuesday morning last week.

Flooding in the taro patches on Pukapuka is threatening the livelihoods of locals and creating a very real danger to food security on the isolated Pa Enua.

Ministry of Health staff are being praised for their efforts to further their education and improve the health of each and every Cook Islander.

The next generation is ensuring the customs of Ngatangiia are kept alive with the investiture of the new Teeiao Mataiapo Tutara on Wednesday afternoon.

The Rarotongan Beach Resort and Spa is after a woman who impersonated a guest and charged more than $100 to a holidaymaker’s account.

Loan lands teacher in jail

Friday January 22, 2016

A local maths teacher was arrested at Auckland Airport on Sunday (CI time) and was only returned his passport after making a hefty payment on his student loan.

All sectors of society need to take responsibility for corrupt practices hampering the future of the Cook Islands.

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