Planting and giving

Friday July 17, 2020 Written by Published in Local
Tupapa grower Marsh Temata with a cart of taro ready for delivery. 20071602 Tupapa grower Marsh Temata with a cart of taro ready for delivery. 20071602

Patricia and Amaru Opara of Tupapa felt blessed to receive taro from grower Marsh Tamatea yesterday.

“Thank you for thinking of us, we do love taro,” said Patricia.

Tamatea is doing what he likes best – planting.

“It’s been a passion of mine since growing up, we had to plant to survive,” he said.

Tamatea has three taro patches. When the popular crop was harvested, he and wife Kopu decided to share their taro with the elderly in their village of Tupapa - something they have done in the past.

“Why not share what we have, it’s wonderful to share especially during this time,” Kopu said.

She encourages other people who have surplus to give it out and share with others.

“There are people out there who may be hungry.”

Kopu is a volunteer at the Tupapa-Maraerenga Puna.

“The elderly, help us out by donating cartons of food, clothing, flour and sugar that they buy from their benefit, they always help out - this is their wonderful way of helping our community,” she said.

“And some of the elderly have returned food they have been given because they are quite comfortable, they want families who need it more to receive them.”

The couple also help people plant their home gardens.

“We raise their gardens up so they don’t need to bend…”

Recycled tyres are used to raise their vegetable garden, at ground level card board, puru (coconut husks) and paper are layered then covered with top soil. Five weeks later their plants are producing vegetables.

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