Wheeler dealers on loose

Saturday May 16, 2020 Written by Published in Local

Secondhand motorbike buyers are being warned of fraudsters on the loose in Rarotonga.


Cook Islands Motor Centre said there had been two cases lately where a motorcycle had been sold, while money was still owing on a hire purchase agreement.

Company general manager Teariki Pennycook said the new owners were not aware of the outstanding payments, until the motorbikes were repossessed.

The amounts owed were between $1000 and $2000.

“The purchaser is paying the seller at the agreed price for the motorcycle but the seller is not settling their outstanding hire purchase account and has no intention of doing so,” Pennycook said.

“We allowed the new owner to go and talk to the seller and recover the money that is being owed. We have managed to sort out both cases this way.”

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt said is the motorbike sellers’ intentions were to defraud, then police would mount an inquiry. “If such cases are reported to us then we will surely investigate them. But police will have to first determine whether they are civil or criminal matters.”

Teariki Pennycook is asking the public to check with the accounts team at Cook Islands Motor Centre, before buying any secondhand Honda, to see if there is any money owing.

“Please note if the motorcycle is tied to a hire purchase agreement which has not been settled, then that motorcycle is still the property of the Cook Islands Motor Centre and we may repossess the motorcycle if the hire purchase account is in default of payment. 

“For your safety, please check with us first to avoid disappointment later. You can contact us on phone 22055 extn 702.”

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