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Wednesday May 13, 2020 Written by Published in Local

The United States Embassy in New Zealand has announced its funding on small grants programme for science, technology, engineering and math support in Cook Islands.


According to the Embassy, the projects should support and promote education.They must include an American cultural element or a connection with American experts, organisations or institutions.

The grant projects could include academic and professional lecturers, seminars, speaker programs, artistic and cultural workshops, joint performances and exhibition or professional and academic exchanges and projects.

New Zealand, Niue and Cook Islands are priorities for funding. The Embassy hopes the projects will address challenges specific to the Pacific and Oceania region.

These might include maritime and polar affairs, infrastructure, educational development, health and wellness, and technology, regional security and technology capacity and digital literacy.

Applications are encouraged from registered not-for-profit organisations, including think-tanks and civil society organisations with programming experience, governmental educational institutions, as well as individuals.

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