Toll lifted for locals on waterfall

Thursday April 23, 2020 Written by Published in Local
Tamuera Napa Jr at the rejuvenated Papua Vai Marere or Papua Waterfall. 20042206 Tamuera Napa Jr at the rejuvenated Papua Vai Marere or Papua Waterfall. 20042206

Over the years, Papua Vai Marere, more commonly known as Wigmore’s Waterfall, had become a dumping ground for domestic rubbish.


Land manager Tamuera Napa Jr said it was also a popular gathering place where people would go and drink alcohol, leaving behind their bottles and cans.

To try and curb the behaviour, the land owners decided to put a $5 toll on the road for visitors.

In light of the Covid-19 crisis, Napa said the toll has been lifted so local people can go and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, have a picnic and relax.

McConnell Dowell were awarded the contract in 2017 for stage two of the Te Mato Vai Water Supply Improvement Project at the Papua Intake - one of 10 on Rarotonga.   

Work at the Papua water intake is near completion. Napa said the road needed to be closed while the work was done and a lot of effort has been made to reinstate the worksite to its former beauty with new trees planted and a revamp of the picnic area.

Napa has also been planting oregano, as a mosquito deterrent. The area will also be sprayed.

There have been suggestions the road should be fixed.

“If we fix the road we run the risk of people honing around and using it as a drag way,” he said.

“So they’re not potholes, they’re speed holes.”

In 1988, Pa Tepaeru Terito Ariki, bought back the land where Papua (Wigmore’s) Waterfall is.

To honour the legacy of her mother, Pa Marie Ariki now wants the waterfall to be known solely by its ancient Maori name – Papua Vai Marere.

Napa said the Wigmore family has always been supportive of the waterfall being known by its original name.

Pa Marie Ariki project managed the waterfall clean up remotely from Auckland where she is in lockdown.

Every time something was completed, Napa sent his mother photos, videos and a brief.

Her ultimate vision is to create a botanical drive to the waterfall in the future.

“She’s happy with the work that has been done,” Napa said.

“And believes it is only right that it returns to its original name.”                


  • Comment Link Lily Henderson a Pa Friday, 24 April 2020 19:55 posted by Lily Henderson a Pa

    I actually dont know who you are referring to in this post Ana It is obvious it is to the title holder! I mean to say She is the only one that you would want to strip! Right?
    As for us we are the Kopu Ariki You wont strip it off me nor my brothers n sisters We are still Pa Ariki no matter what!

    Really this is a poor excuse to bring this matter up when it is about Wigmore Falls
    But you askd for it!

    Re the rightful Landowners
    I will say unless you have your copy of the ROT re Papua, coz the Owners are listed!
    Now that you got this on the Public page you are welcome to tell us who in your mind are the real Land owners!
    I dont mean the wannabe landowners! Not the hear say Landowners! Or the hopeful legend story teller Landowners that got shot somewhere!
    If you dont believe Pa is a Landowner then who do you believe is the Landowner

    My point is if there are legit claimers then they should have the guts to front up and have their day in Court Thats what the Courts are for right! Eiaa oki e varenga pupuvaa ua.

    Really dear we dont need you to tell us or everyone about our Dads side of things!
    Hence why Iam responding to your post!
    We love our Dad, Nobody is allowed to say one wrong thing or use his name in vain like you just did!
    The Peyroux and Pa Ariki are two separate entity! If you want to talk about us re this type of thing! then you refer to us as Pa Ariki not Peyroux
    Do we really think we are entitled to everything! like what?
    We just happened to grow up with it dear! We know no difference!
    If you want to make or see any changes then I suggest that you have the guts to call a meeting!

  • Comment Link Peyroux Friday, 24 April 2020 15:13 posted by Peyroux

    Ana who d hell do u think u r hey how DARE u use my Dad’s name PEYROUX in dis n wot has he got to do wth dis n hell YEA my Mum Inherited land in Titikaveka aka peea te Shorts noea mai kotou e papaa n dey live in Titikaveka Y? PEYROUX don’t have issues like d Shorts rite n hey we r watching u rite

  • Comment Link Ana Walker Thursday, 23 April 2020 12:18 posted by Ana Walker

    Should ask the ORIGINAL LANDOWNERS who is NOT
    Pa. The road was sealed by government so therefore it should become public road without tariff on it. Tax payers paid for the sealing. Since when did Pa become landowner here. Pa title is our family title n never have owned lands in Titikaveka or anywhere else except Turangi ma nga Mataiapo ONLY. Dont use our title loosely like such or you will find yourself stripped of it. The Pa clan own the title. Not the Peyroux clan. We are the Pa Ariki clan so stop thinking that you are the only one entitled to everything. We are watching you carefully now

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