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Friday March 27, 2020 Written by Published in Local
Vaihere Nicholas tries on her kid-sized facemask. 20032613 / Vaihere Nicholas tries on her kid-sized facemask. 20032613 /

First the pharmacies, then stylish fashion boutique TAV. Now everyone’s doing facemasks.


Slipway is selling $5 washable masks for both adults and children, with unused clothing fabric.

Manager Petua Nicholas said a friend suggested they make some masks – and the next lot will be for children as young as 5.

They sold 60 facemasks before midday yesterday; Nicholas dropped in more supplied in the afternoon – and another 50 people have phoned with their orders.

Round the coast in Akaoa, Doreen Boggs found unexpected inspiration for sewing facemasks from pareu fabric.

Not knowing what Covid-19 awareness programmes were in place in her community, Boggs and her friends attended the Akaoa puna committee meeting last week. The women did not realise the meeting wasn’t public.

“Here we are, we are experienced, we are mothers, we know how it works,” she said. “Each of us has our expertise, and each one of us has our own talents.”

The women banded together and started the sewing fabric masks over the weekend. “We are doing this for our community, whatever funds we get, we will donate to our puna centre.

“Wear your masks, wear your gloves when you go into shops or anywhere, do that so we can eliminate it, we can fight this, if we all do this together.”

The masks are available for $8 each at the Friendly Mart store in Arorangi.

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