Public servants must set a better example – pastor

Saturday February 29, 2020 Written by Published in Local
Ngarima George. 20022839 Ngarima George. 20022839

With mounting concern about the harm caused by alcohol, government departments have been challenged to stop plying staff and visitors with free alcohol at evening functions.


The government says alcohol is a major cause of Cook Islands’ extremely high road toll, and is to change the law next month to lover the drink-drive limit from 400mcg to 250mcg per litre of breath.

But Pastor Ngarima George says free alcohol – or indeed, any alcohol at all – should be banned at government functions.

He asked: “Why does government continue to provide free alcohol at particular functions?

“Instead of the coronavirus, we have the kaikava virus (alcoholic virus). Government is showing our young people that it’s wonderful to drink alcohol.”

Te Marae Ora, the Ministry of Health, has been internationally applauded for serving only healthy food and non-alcoholic drinks at conferences and other functions.

Other departments, however, are liberal with alcohol, both at staff drinks and at functions to which VIPs and other guests are invited.

“They have said that drinking alcohol is one of the main reasons for deaths on our roads,” said George.

“So why are they promoting and encouraging free alcohol at their events, do they not get stopped and breathalysed?”

George said government was setting a bad example to kids.

And his concern is not just with politicians and public servants – George says the habit of drinking alcohol at sporting events, fundraisers and many other functions, should stop.



  • Comment Link Definitely George.  Should start promoting alcohol free in government n all events. Saturday, 07 March 2020 12:13 posted by Definitely George. Should start promoting alcohol free in government n all events.


  • Comment Link Bob Kimiangatau Sunday, 01 March 2020 19:15 posted by Bob Kimiangatau

    It has already been said alcohol causes accidents. Brain injury causes death because the head was not protected at the time of the accident. Since alcohol cannot be banned from the country we need to be creative in the solutions. Minimum of 1 year in jail, confiscate vehicles and sold regardless who owns it, compulsory awareness courses,

  • Comment Link James marsters Sunday, 01 March 2020 15:56 posted by James marsters

    I would like to support comments of pastor Ngarima George .good on you for making those comment and hopefully that the people involved will take note too.

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