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Tuesday December 31, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Miss World Oceania Tajiya Sahay, right, with her mum Ruth and Ruth’s partner Ngu Marsters at the Venice canals in Italy. Picture: Tajiya Sahay/19123019 Miss World Oceania Tajiya Sahay, right, with her mum Ruth and Ruth’s partner Ngu Marsters at the Venice canals in Italy. Picture: Tajiya Sahay/19123019

Helping inspire others to chase and achieve their dreams is one of Tajiya Sahay’s goals for 2020.

The Miss World Oceania and Miss Cook Islands is on holiday in Europe with her family before she embarks on a journey to raise funds for charity projects around the world.


Sahay said her New Year’s resolution was to use the new platform to, “help and inspire others as well as representing my country to the best of my ability”.

The 26-year-old also wants to finish her studies to become a qualified fitness instructor.

“I want to see more of the world and make the most of every opportunity that comes my way!” Sahay said.

“I would like to use my voice to encourage others to do the same. Every year brings new opportunities and experiences that sometimes can scare us from leaving our comfort zone but ever since I started to say yes to new adventures I’ve grown so much as a person and learnt a lot on the way how to be the best version of myself.”
Sahay said she was spending some quality time with her family during this festive season, exploring different cities in Europe.

During the Miss World event earlier this month, she met with women from around the world and listening to them talk about their countries made her more excited to explore the world.

Sahay said they planned the Europe tour after learning the Miss World event she was attending would be held in London.

“I have loved every moment spending this time with my family. As you all know, I have been extremely busy the last couple of months and reuniting with my family to spend Christmas and New Year’s with them in Europe has been the cherry on top of the amazing year 2019 has been.

“We started in London and made our way to Switzerland to do some snow activities in the Swiss Alps, afterwards we had to see the colosseum in Rome, full of history!

“We then made our way to Tuscany for Christmas which was wonderful, we got to relax in the country side of Italy and spend quality time together as my sister has come from Australia with her husband. We then stopped over in Venice to see canals.”

Sahay and her family are now in Slovenia where they are spending time visiting castles and caves which the country is known for.

They will be in Budapest for New Year’s and will finish their adventure in Prague and Belgium before returning to London.
Sahay said spending Christmas in Tuscany and New Year’s in Budapest was her mum Ruth’s dream.

“As she worked so hard this year, helping me achieve my dreams, she deserves this break as much as I do.”

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Sahay will return home on January 12.

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