Man’s mission to desex and assist island’s cats

Friday November 08, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Te Are Manu Vet board member Julie Bateman and president Patricia Barton and Hideki Date (middle) with the $1000 cheque. 19110606 Te Are Manu Vet board member Julie Bateman and president Patricia Barton and Hideki Date (middle) with the $1000 cheque. 19110606

The nursery rhyme tells of the seven wives with seven cats – but Date Hideki has gone one better.


 Date Hideki is fast becoming the cat-man of Rarotonga.

The expatriate worker has taken home a kitten from Te Are Manu Vet Clinic and named her Midori – adding to the seven cats he already has.

Hideki says Midori is friendly – but his other new pet is less so. He has also taken in a feral cat that was prowling around this home, but that cat, which he’s named Kuro, is strong and always fighting with his previous cats.

He hopes to give Kuro time to adjust to his new environment and to domesticate him.

Hideki is originally from Japan but has been living in Rarotonga for 15 years and after frequently visiting Te Are Manu clinic and volunteering, he took the initiative to donate $1,000 to the clinic.

“Because I love animals, I wanted to support the clinic, because they need the donation to help them continue their service.”

Clinic president Patricia Barton said the amazing donation would go towards proving better healthcare for animals for at least a couple of months.

Hideki took the feral cat to the clinic for de-sexing – an initiative Barton applauded, saying it helped control the wild cat population on Rarotonga.

“This is where the community can help,” she said. “If they do come across cats who are breeding in the wild, bring it in, so we can de-sex them and this stops hundreds of other kittens being born, who may not be able to find a home,” Barton said.

There are six kittens at the clinic this week, including a three-week-old one.

“We are in the kitten season now and a wonderful way the community can help us is by either letting us know if there are feral cats around that are breeding or if they capture the cat and bring it into the clinic we can de-sex it.”

Barton added that they always issue a receipt to those donating. Any donation of between $250 and $5000 to a registered charity is tax deductible.

A month ago the clinic took in some kittens brought in by the SPCA which were found in a box outside Rehab nightclub.

The kittens have all been adopted by people on their waiting list and the public is encouraged to bring in any mama cat out in the wild to be brought in to be de-sexed.

In the past two years the clinic has de-sexed 1,440 cats.

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