Grieving dog owner warns others to keep their dog safe

Wednesday November 06, 2019 Written by Published in Local
In happier days: Tetoa snoozes in the son under the friendly oversight of Chinno. This week, their owner Tiare Story found them dead. 19110503 In happier days: Tetoa snoozes in the son under the friendly oversight of Chinno. This week, their owner Tiare Story found them dead. 19110503

A dog owner is raising new concerns about poisoning, after the deaths of three more dogs.


The dogs were found dead in bush in Nikao.

Tiare Alice Story, 21, told Cook Islands News she found her dogs with their mouths covered with froth – similar to the symptoms of dogs and cats that died in Titikaveka after apparently swallowing slug pellets.

Story had last seen her two dogs, Tetoa and Chinno, on Saturday. “I feel it was poisoning, we don’t see any farming area around here, but uphill there is an old papa’s plantation with pineapple.”

A week ago Charlie and Mary Hosking buried their cat Pandy who was found lying dead inside their neighbour’s plantation netting fence, and their two dogs Moss and Kobe, who were found further up the fence-line.

And planter Arama Wigmore acknowledged his slug and snail pellets could have caused the death of the animals, saying his own dog had also been poisoned by pellets.

Story said she got in-touch with the Hoskings and compared the symptoms, which were similar. But she did not know if her dogs went to the plantation prior to their deaths.

“It’s sad, I was calling them on Sunday to come and eat, they didn’t come. It was strange. Whenever they go wandering around they come back the same day.”

On Monday she and her family went out searching for the pair and were informed by a plumbing company nearby that there was a dead dog in the bushes.

“So we thought that was it my dog, we checked and it was a stray dog. That made me worry, went on further in the bush to look and found Tetoa, he was just lying there, it looked like he had been there for long, and as if he ate something that killed him instantly, he had all this white stuff on him. The flies were around them.”

She said they continued looking for Chinno and she was found further down from where Tetoa was found and she looked like she had been vomiting.

Story said they questioned themselves why it happened, if it was intentional.

She said there are a lot of dogs in their area and the community needed to be careful.

“We messaged my neighbour to be careful they have dogs and its dangerous, keep them away from the bush area.”



* Symptoms can range from vomiting to breathing difficulties to drooling.

* Swallowed poisons, for example, often cause sickness, diarrhoea, agitation and heart issues.

* If your dog has inhaled something toxic they may find it difficult to breathe or lose consciousness.


* Poisons that come into contact with your dog’s skin can cause irritation and pain. 

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