Nation unites for Lapana

Friday September 27, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Lapana Tupou with his parents and siblings. 19092061 Lapana Tupou with his parents and siblings. 19092061

Aunty Nga Teao-Papatua is well-known as the radiothon host on Rarotonga, but she’s never hard to to a show like today’s one before.


Today, she sayd, the fundraising effort for 7-year-old Lapana Tupou will be emotionally the most difficult she has announced.

Lapana disappeared from the MC Lady Moana, en route from his family’s home island of Rakahanga to Rarotonga, via Aitutaki.

Aunty Nga was touched and teary when approached by Bank of the Cook Islands’s Ron Patia to host the show.

Her first thought was maybe she couldn’t do it: it would be too moving to try and speak on air about little Lapana, who is still missing at sea.

But she knew she had to do it: “I need to be strong for his family who are grieving and in need.”

She is calling on everyone to give a little donation to help out the Tupou family.

The radiothon will run from midday to 6pm today, and Radio Cook Islands listeners can phone 20100 or 20101 between these times.

Volunteers have stepped up to assist in the radio room, noting names and their donations.

People who can understand and write Maori, are especially welcomed as part of the radiothon team – please contact Aunty Nga this morning on 53467.



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