Women police: ‘You can do it’

Saturday September 07, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Cancy Maro and her family.19090672 / LOSIRENE LACANIVALU Cancy Maro and her family.19090672 / LOSIRENE LACANIVALU

Cancy Maro signed up for the police to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather.

Hailing from the island of Pukapuka, the 32-year old is among five women who graduated as probationary officers at Police Headquarters in Avarua yesterday.

Maro says this is a new start for her and something she looked forward to.

Sadly, she said her grandfather passed away seven months ago and could not see her achievement.

Being a law officer had always been her dream and she held on through the tough times – despite his advice.

“When I first asked him about me joining the police, he didn’t want me to, so I waited, and when he passed away I decided to carry on his legacy.”

The 12-weeks of training was intense and tough, and on the first week she felt like giving up.

“I just wanted to quit, but then when you put an effort in, that’s when you tell yourself you can do it, like Mama Tuki advised,” she said.

Recruit Wing Patron Mama Tuki Wright had encouraged the new recruits by using a verse from the Bible telling them to be strong and be of good courage, to not give up.

Despite her 21 years of her disability, Mama Tuki spoke words of motivation for her Mama Tuki Wright recruits.

She encouraged the recruits to look further and work hard to be high commissioners, police commissioners and Queen’s representatives – like other former police officers.

The new recruits accepted a “tila” challenge from Pukapuka youths.

And Maro said officers in the station were always encouraging her.

The Cooks needed other women to join the police force, she said, for the community to change the world.

Rita Munokoa proud niece of senior constable Veka Taru was excited taking on her new role in a new environment.

Munokoa said she looked forward to serving the community and putting her training into good use.

She said the training was hard as she had to be fit for the course.

Being the eldest of five siblings, Munokoa said she hoped to be like her aunt.

Constable Taru said she was happy her niece made it through and passed the training.

“I am hoping she follows my footsteps, I have been here 15 years now and I told her she needs to beat my record, I am glad another close family member has joined,’ she said

Meanwhile, the nine officers were awarded their 2019 Mama Tuki Wright Recruit Wing certificates.

Prime Minister Henry Puna encouraged the recruits to work together and advised that it was too late to turn away from their new role.

“You have taken the pledge to serve our people,” he said.

Puna said being a police officer is about serving the community and serving for other is the ultimate sacrifice, and service for others is where one finds true happiness.

“You have taken on an awesome responsibility as we live in a changing world and the challenges are serious every day.”

He said challenges increase all the time and he encouraged the officers to work together, to provide security, law and order, protecting our borders and stopping the transmission of drugs through our oceans and frontiers.

He said government would continue to support the police force, to work together for a safer community.

Police Commissioner Maara Tetava presented the Patron of the Recruit Wing with her own framed memento of Police insignia, epaulets, and badges with the Police coat of arms. Cancy Maro and Ngarue Tararo received awards for top physical performance while Luisa Peters got the top academic award. The Recruit Wing Probationary constable officers are: Ngametua Arama Tera, Vaai Basnet, Cancy Maro, Maru Mataora, Rita Munokoa, Ricky Opo, Luisa Peters, Ngarue Tararo, Tinirau Tuiva

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