Cooks’ animal champions are teaming up

Thursday September 05, 2019 Written by Published in Local
A volunteer takes the SPCA dogs Mia, Mojo, Bernie, Seb, Sally and PawPaw on a walk. 19090418 A volunteer takes the SPCA dogs Mia, Mojo, Bernie, Seb, Sally and PawPaw on a walk. 19090418

As a puppy, Mojo was found lost and wandering on a beach; now he is about about to be adopted. Seb was abandoned, injured, as a pub. Now he’s looking for a home.


These are just some of the dogs that the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is helping.

The SPCA is raising funds to build a puppy shelter and a cattery for homeless animals to have a space to grow.

SPCA, which hopes to extend its services and presence across Rarotonga, says the new shelters would help the young cats and dogs grow prior to adoption.

The SPCA and Te Are Manu Volunteer Vet Clinic are both funded entirely by donations. In the past, they were in competition – now, they’re working together.

And this week, the SPCA boss handed over a $5,000 cheque to the vet clinic.

SPCA shelter manager Greta Gilson said they were enormously grateful for the continued support of Te Are Manu give. “We are volunteers, not vets, so the work we do would not be possible without their support.”

Debbie Toppe of Te Are Manu says the clinic provides medical care, such as de-sexing operations, manage, flea and worm management as well as other procedures and medications to the stray Rarotonga dog population that the SPCA supports. 

Likewise, the clinic has generously shared donated items with the SPCA such as a printer for the office, dog food, toys and collars.

Both organisations are working in partnership to control the dog population and improve the wellbeing of dogs here in Rarotonga.  In addition, both provide support to local dog owners – for a donation, the SPCA transports animals to the vet for treatments.

The SPCA plans to draft animal welfare legislation in partnership with Government ministries, and a strategic plan is being developed to guide Cook Islands SPCA to achieve their goals.

SPCA’s GiveaLittle page says that the current services include maintaining a dog shelter on Rarotonga that can board up to 12 dogs, all of which, unless solely boarding, are re-homed to loving forever homes.

SPCA’s funding relies on income from an Opportunity Shop, sponsorship and donations. Funds go towards running the animal ambulance, managing the Shelter, de-sexing programmes and educational programmes to promote animal welfare.

The SPCA committee are all volunteers.

The organisation plans on having another de-sexing campaign which will also include cats and they would need donations, which would enable them to continue their work.

Debbie Toppe said: “We have a great partnership, both the SPCA and Te Are Manu are working together to help Cook Island animals”.

SPCA says every single dollar helps, so please give whatever you can afford.  Drop donated items for sale at the SPCA Op Shop at the Punangi Market. 

Meanwhile the shop is hosting a “Grab a bag” sale on this Saturday 7 September.  Bring a plastic bag from the supermarket and fill it up for only $5. 

·         To donate to the new puppy and cat shelters, go to the Givealittle page: 


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