Jehovah’s Witness expect 2000 to convention

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 Jehovah’s Witnesses share the word in Rarotonga. 19082205 Jehovah’s Witnesses share the word in Rarotonga. 19082205

Members from other denominations are welcome to join next month’s Jehovah’s Witnesses regional convention.


The convention, which will be held from September 6-8 at the National Auditorium, is expected to be attended by 2000 faith followers.

Jeff Tikitau of Cook Islands Jehovah’s Witnesses said the three-day convention was open to the public.

The 200 Jehovah’s Witnesses in Rarotonga were looking forward to the event, which is part of a worldwide series featuring the Bible theme “Love Never Fails”.

“The convention teaches attenders the practical ways they can demonstrate this quality in their family, at work, at school, and in the community, especially what many experience today in a world that appears to be growing cold in its love,” Tikitau said.

“It’s open to everyone. Public is invited and that’s why we are reaching out to the media to let people know of this convention.”

Attendance at the annual regional convention is usually around 350, but this year numbers will swell dramatically, with an influx of delegates expected from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States.

It is one of the largest global conventions in 2019, spanning six continents, over 200 countries and in over 400 languages. Twenty-two cities in 18 countries are hosting international conventions. Around 140,000 delegates will travel from numerous countries to these larger gatherings.

Christopher Barker, the spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, said they were delighted that Witnesses from around the world are travelling to Rarotonga this year.

“These events illustrate the positive influence that love can have to bring people together from diverse backgrounds. Local Jehovah’s Witnesses get an opportunity to meet and enjoy association with their fellow Witnesses,” Barker said in a statement.

“The visitors will also enjoy the beautiful island of Rarotonga and bring economic benefits to local tourism and hospitality businesses.

“We warmly invite everyone to come along to our convention.”

Sessions will be presented in English and New Zealand sign language. Attendance is free and no collections are taken.

Convention highlights

Talks, demonstrations, interviews and videos will examine how Bible principles help people in practical ways.

Friday 6: How love can help people overcome obstacles such as a troubled upbringing, chronic illness or poverty.

Saturday 7: How Bible principles help husbands, wives and children to show love for one another.

Sunday 8: Features a Bible talk designed for the public, “True Love in a Hate-Filled World – Where?” that will address overcoming prejudice and hatred. 

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