Dogs put down due to attacks

Thursday August 08, 2019 Written by Published in Local

Four dogs have been put down near Manuia Beach in Arorangi.


Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt said there were recurring complaints including dog bite complaints, resulting in the dogs being killed on Tuesday.

Sue Fletcher-Vea aired her concerns on social media over the weekend on how a dog in the same area attacked four of her guests.

She said that there was a dog about 100m to the town side of Manuia on the beach and each time the same medium size dog with black markings on its head rushed out baring its teeth, savagely barking and then biting people.

Last month, a 10-year old boy who was here on holiday suffered scratches on his arm and back due to a dog attack at a beach side near the Rarotongan Resort.

An elderly guest from the Beachcomber Resort was enjoying his cycle through Titikaveka when he was attacked by a dog and he was taken to hospital with a bad bite to his leg. 

And before that a young local girl took her family dog on a leash for a beach walk in Vaimaanga and a wandering dog attacked it.

Cook Islands Security director Chris Denny says his security firm is established to protect properties from prowlers and ensure guests come to no harm on these properties while on holiday.

“But it is absolutely appalling that once our visitors drive or walk out of their secure compound they are either a target from our local thieves or mistreated dogs.”
He said as a protection service provider they feel some responsibility to help the community, police and tourism develop a "canine management service" on Rarotonga before it gets much worse.

He added that due to this the security service is looking to employ an experienced team to deal with each individual case as it arises.

“In return we will require the help from every dog owner on this island to ensure they understand as a dog owner their responsibilities and the outcome of a mistreated animal.”
He said they are now in the business to protect humans first and ensure any treatment by any animal towards any man, women or child be promptly resolved humanely.

In an earlier statement, Tourism chief executive officer Halatoa Fua said that dogs must be registered and sterilised.

Fua said: “Effective dog control is important to ensure our locals and visitors are safe, as well as meeting the requirements of the law in regards to dog registration.”



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