Animal welfare notice offends former manager

Wednesday July 03, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Former SPCA country manager Tony Jamieson. 19070233 Former SPCA country manager Tony Jamieson. 19070233

The former manager of the local animal welfare organisation has called a public notice from them “suggestive” and “short-sighted”.


Tony Jamieson was surprised to see a Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals notice on social media last week regarding his departure, when his resignation occurred well over three months ago.

The organisation advised that Jamieson, “… no longer represents the CISPCA” and is “no longer authorised to submit orders or perform services and duties” on its behalf.

“I’m fully aware of ‘island time’, but this must be some sort of record. The comments about me are also suggestive,” said Jamieson.

“I certainly don’t want people who I’ve been working hard for to read that post that seems to suggest wrongdoing on my part. I left of my own free will three months ago - there were never any questions.”

Jennie George has defended the organisation’s notice, saying it was simply to inform people that Jamieson was no longer working with them.

“He was well known as SPCA’s manager, and since he has returned from his holiday we didn’t want people to still think he is the manager.”

However, Jamieson considers the notice to be at worst, harassment, and at best, careless. 

“Either way this sort of carry-on is short-sighted and only self-harming to the CISPCA and the animals they represent. Not a good look for the organisation.”

Jamieson had led the organisation’s team for a year, and supervised the $120,000 dog de-sexing programme that ran for four months from September to December last year. The project successfully exceeded the target of de-sexing 800 dogs.

His other responsibilities included overseeing the provision of animal welfare care and support, a 24 hour emergency first response and transport service, day-to-day operations of the animal shelter facility, community engagement, staff management and purchasing operational supplies.

Returning after his recent break, Jamieson continues to share his love for animals and is offering professional house sitting and cat and dog minding services for owners who need their fur babies well looked after when they are overseas.

The new manager of the organisation Stu Beaumont-Orr took over the reins a few months ago. 

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