‘He was shot in the back’ – grieving owner

Saturday June 29, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Toru was shot in the back and paralysed. He had to be put down at the veterinary clinic. 19062806 Toru was shot in the back and paralysed. He had to be put down at the veterinary clinic. 19062806

There’s community alarm with three dogs shot and more going missing. 


A dog owner is devastated by the cruel shooting of her family dog.

Toru is one of about half a dozen family dogs who are alleged to have been targeted by a killer using a rifle fitted with a silencer, around Titikaveka

Shelly Rangi said she arrived at work on June 12; half an hour later she received a call from her neighbour saying they had heard gun shots.

“They thought it was their dog, but it was our dog Toru. He was shot in the back,” she said.

“He dragged himself home.”

She and her husband took Toru to the veterinary clinic in Arorangi where they received sad news: Toru was paralysed.

“We had to put him down to finally rest,” she said.

A week before Toru was shot, another neighbour’s dog named Tiger was also shot dead. And a third dog has been shot on the leg and been treated at the veterinary clinic.

Still more dogs have been reported missing by their owners, Rangi said. She did not know how many.

Those living in the area had heard gun shots and this had been reported to the police, she added.

Police spokesman Trevor Pitt says police were yet to determine whether any action should be taken. Police wanted to talk to the person or persons responsible for the shooting and killing of at least two dogs.

He said officers were called just over a week ago about a dog that had been shot and left to die on someone’s property.

“A subsequent interview revealed that another dog had been shot and killed, previously. Enquiries in the vicinity have not yet led to the identity of the person(s) responsible, and police are continuing their investigations,” Pitt said.

Cook Islands Security boss Chris Denny, who first spoke out about the shootings, expressed the hope that police would indeed do something about the deaths of the dogs.

He said he was not sure how many dogs are missing.

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