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Day 135: Triumphant Talbot reaches New Zealand’s northernmost tip

Tuesday June 11, 2019 Written by Published in Local
James Talbot (left) arriving at Cape Reinga. Photo: Ani Talbot James Talbot (left) arriving at Cape Reinga. Photo: Ani Talbot

Creative Trail walker James Talbot has reached his final stop, Cape Reinga after days of walking on the 3200 kilometre Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand.


He has walked from Bluff in the South Island to the top of the North Islands in close to four and a half months.

Speaking from Auckland, New Zealand, wife Ani Talbot has acknowledged the tremendous support they have received.

The Creative Trail Committee through Talbot aimed to raise $300,000 for the Creative Centre in Rarotonga.

They have however managed to raise $19,665 through a Give alittle fundraising page.

They are expecting to receive more donations before Talbot returns home to Rarotonga.

Through a brief chat with Talbot he said he was relieved and happy he’s finally coming home soon.

“I’m happy that it’s the end and I get to come home. It was overwhelming for all of us.”

On June 10 (NZ Time), Talbot walked from Manganui to Twilight before making his final stop.

On his journal he mentioned how much he missed his family and could not wait to see them.

He took the beach track onto Scott Point and continued on to the Twilight Micro Campsite - the last overnight stop for him on this journey.

“The Creative Trail Feb 2019 is almost over,” he says to himself as he completed 28.43kms in 6.75hours.

On social media via Facebook many have showed their support for the enthusiastic walker.

Teina Mackenzie shared: “I have always believed that one person CAN make a difference. This is one such incredible individual, buoyed by the support of his family. Pure Respect to James Talbot for putting your health at the forefront for others.”

Mackenzie also called on support in terms of donations, an initiative to care for the special needs of Cook Islanders.

The donations will go towards the respite unit that has been built but needs equipment.

Talbot is expected to return to Rarotonga on June 18 after spending time with his family Whangarei.