Social Centre is not a rubbish tip

Wednesday June 05, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Bank workers during the Go Green clean-up campaign last week Bank workers during the Go Green clean-up campaign last week

Those using the Social Centre area in Arorangi are urged to take responsibility and stop using it as a waste dumping ground.


This is the call from the Bank of the South Pacific, after they completed their “Go Green” campaign.

BSP relationship manager John Wilson says people are not fully using the recycle bins.

Most of the rubbish collected is empty Woodstock cans, Heineken bottles, plastic bottles and snack wrappers.

It is worrying that people are spending time at the beach and are not looking after the environment around them.

“Be a clean Kuki, keep our beaches clean,’’ he says.

Being a tourist destination, people must take responsibility. “During the clean-up a tourist walked past, saw us picking the rubbish and they ended up picking rubbish as well, but both people young and old must pick rubbish and work together to keep our environment clean.”

He says over the years, BSP have organised school students to pick up rubbish around the island.

However, this year they decided that all the bank staff members were to participate.

“This time we thought to do it differently, go out and do it ourselves, as part of our social community work.”

Business manager Tutu Inamata says they also found that people were leaving rubbish from their homes at the Social Centre. He says this is disappointing.

Inamata says they will often see Jaimie Short from Infrastructure Cook Islands continue sorting the rubbish and looking through the bins, creating awareness – and yet some are still not paying attention.

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