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An example of creative designs sought by the Ministry of Cultual Development in its Te Ata o Avaiki (Cook Islands designers) event to be held in October. 19052212 An example of creative designs sought by the Ministry of Cultual Development in its Te Ata o Avaiki (Cook Islands designers) event to be held in October. 19052212

Empowering and inspiring emerging Cook Islands designers through culture and environment to promote creativity in fashion, is the theme behind a new event initiated by the Ministry of Cultural Development (MOCD).


Named the Te Ata o Avaiki (the Shadows of Avaiki), the MOCD designer show is scheduled to be held on October 31 later in the year.

MOCD is passionate about encouraging, supporting and promoting established and potential designers through this event that will give the opportunity of creative work to take the stage with the aim of  nurturing design creativity in the Cook Islands in this generation and the next.

The event aims to create a platform to showcase and perpetuate vibrant high fashion designs and to portray the resilient cultural heritage of the Cook Islands, said coordinator of the event, Kate Ngatokorua , MOCD’s policy analyst and cultural policy planner.

 “Te Ata o Avaiki describes how the talents of our Cook Islands people originate from our ancestors.

 “What we do today is a shadow of what our ancestors did.We are creating images that we were born with.

“We are tools for our Pa Metua to keep our talents alive.”

The 2019 theme is: Te au inangaro o toku Matakeinanga/Enua – the love and passion of my ancestors/island.

Judged categories for the designer competition are:

Mei Ito Mai: the beginning, this section is open to all who design and sew mu’umu’u or use the mu’umu’u style as a base for their creation, the use of the male attire design is also a possibility, one model per garment (no fast changes backstage).

Te Toianga: the carving, this section is based on creativity, the garment must reflect the theme of the year and resemble clothing (no dance costumes), the garment can be made from any materials but the garment must be durable, one model per garment (no fast changes backstage).

The following category will not be judged but be a showcase of our established designers:Te Toa - the warriors, this section is for local established designers only. Established designers must have a brand and be selling to the community in the Cook Islands or in the Overseas Collection can range between 5 – 12 items, one model per garment (no fast changes backstage).

Next Tuesday May 28t at 5pm the MOCD will host an informative meeting inviting all potential designers/entrants, sponsors, musicians and judges at the National Auditorium.

The presentation is important for interested participants to attend, as  information on the event will be explained and time will be given for questions and comments.

The main rules are: Entrants must be of Cook Islands descent, all entered garments must be designed and made by the person or persons who enter the garment, all garments must be able to link to the theme of the year, entrants can enter up to five garments per category.

Ngatokorua said that at present there is a high level of interest  from Tereora College students.

Next Tuesday May 28th at 5pm is the presentation event at the National Auditorium. Applications will close on August 1st at 4pm, and Te Ata o Avaiki designer competition will be held on October 31.

For more information, contact Kate Ngatokorua on 20 725.

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