Ultimate support for autism blue day

Saturday April 06, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Cook Islands Tourism all dressed in blue. 19040517 Cook Islands Tourism all dressed in blue. 19040517

People showed their support for autism awareness wearing blue yesterday, some businesses went ahead and did extra by adding the colour to their premises.


CITC stores had jars on every counter for donations towards the cause, Motor Centre colour co-ordinated their cars parking only blue out front, Island Car and Bike Hire opposite the airport tied blue balloons to their office, the Aitutaki Midnight strings wore new blue pareu shirts and the Mana Tiaki stage also had bold colours of blue on their stage.

President of Autism Cook Islands, Gloria Rarere-Tinirau said, since the morning donations had been coming in.

“The support from the community, business sectors, government departments and visitors is just overwhelming.

“We are extremely grateful of the generosity from everyone.

“Here, our community never fails to help when and where they can, thank you again to everyone for your kindness and consideration.”

Turama House generously donated $2000, many business, schools and the Prime Ministers department also gave contributions.

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