PTI needs female support

Friday March 29, 2019 Written by Published in Local

The Punanga Tauturu Inc (PTI) has hosted its annual general meeting (AGM) yesterday at the public health conference room in Tupapa.


Co-ordinator of PTI Rebeka Buchanan says the non-government organisation (NGO) actively works to address issues of domestic violence (DV) affecting women and children in the Cook Islands.

Buchanan says people are not reporting domestic violence cases as often as used to be in the past, she also is of the impression that the Cook Islands police are not referring most of the DV cases to them, and that the court appears to focus on the perpetrator not on the welfare of the victims. “Some don’t realise the impact domestic violence has on the victims.”

These are areas that need to be addressed and discussed further, she says.

Buchanan urges women to be part of the group.

For those who were unable to come on board the executive committee, PTI would like volunteers to join up to assist with events.

In the next few months PTI will visit the islands of Mangaia and Mitiaro for domestic violence awareness workshops.

The organisation will celebrate its 25 years of operation in September later in the year.

The PTI committee are: President – Helen Greig, Vice President (and current acting president) – Tamara File, Treasurer – Vaine Arioka, Patroness – Kairangi Samuela, committee members are Rebecca Ellis-Hosking, Pauline Rangi, Catherine Browne and Tekura Tonkin.        

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