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Parents call for news of missing daughter

Thursday March 21, 2019 Written by Published in Local

Tepuna Motors manager, Ravin Chand, is urging the public to come forward on any news they may have of the whereabouts of his daughter who has been missing since Tuesday morning.


Chand said his 20-year-old daughter Shayesha Kumar is a third year law student at the University of the South Pacific (USP) and it has shocked his family that she suddenly went missing from their home in Titikaveka around 2.30 Tuesday morning.

“I woke up around that time and I looked in her room, she was not there. I later alerted my wife. We looked around the house, the beach side and then reported it to the police.”

He said his daughter would not have left the country as their passports were back in Fiji for renewal.

Chand added that they also noticed the cheque book for Tepuna Motors was missing.

Nileshni Kumar said she only needed to know if her daughter was fine and wanted to hear from her.

Police spokesman Trevor Pitt said as of yesterday the girl has not yet been located.

Pitt said: “The father is apparently furnishing the police with a photo to help identify her.

“She’s a 20-year-old and the details about why she has not made contact is not yet clear.”


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