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New duo officially take over SPCA roles

Thursday March 14, 2019 Written by Published in Local

Stuart and Lyn Beaumont-Orr are now officially handling matters regarding the Cook Islands SPCA family.


Stuart is the new shelter manager and Lyn will take on the shop manager role in April.

Stuart started in the role Monday.

The main role of the shelter manager is to care for the dogs, support rehoming and fostering programmes, engage with visitors to the shelter and ensure the maintenance of the facility.

The current shop manager, Vini Blundell, has had to leave the post but we are happy that she will still be at the shop from time to time.

So don’t despair, you will still see her smiley face. Vini has been awesome for the short time she has been in the role.

Thank you so much Vini for everything you have done.

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