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DAY 44: Talbot reaches Hurunui Hut

Thursday March 14, 2019 Written by Published in Local

James Talbot is on Day 44 of his Creative Trail walk aiming to raise $300,000 for the Rarotonga Creative Centre.


An update on his social page showed that Talbot was off on his Day 44 walk to the Hurunui Hut on the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand. 

He said he later relaxed yesterday, cooked his meal but had an awful sleep.

Talbot said: “Just sitting on a stump in the forest having a little meltdown, just not in a good place. so exhausted.”

He said he was exhausted physically, emotionally, and mentally.

He said he worked out I have two extra dinners and he added: “Also the fencing guys from last night, the father gave me two apples an orange, people are so nice. “That's the thing, people don't have to and they don't know me but yet they still give. You do that too, give without wanting anything in return.”

Meanwhile, as Talbot will be offline for the next couple of days, his wife Ani will continue to give updates on the Creative Trail Feb 2019 page everyday with his tracker on.

Recently, Ani said that the page has gained 1600 followers.

“If everyone donated $10 each that would give the Creative Centre Rarotonga an extra $16,000.”

So far there have been 136 donors to the Creative Trail, Give a Little page and total of $8870 has been raised.

The cause page was created on July 24 last year and is expected to close on July 23 this year.

Talbot is expected to complete his walk within four to five months.


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