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Day 38: Talbot expects to be in Wellington next month

Tuesday March 12, 2019 Written by Published in Local
James Talbot with friends at Arthurs Pass during his Creative Trail walk. 19031101 James Talbot with friends at Arthurs Pass during his Creative Trail walk. 19031101

Creative Trail walker James Talbot will likely reach Wellington by April 3.


This was confirmed on his Creative Trail social page, stating that Talbot will meet some of the Cook Island community families and friends in Wellington. 

Talbot is walking the Te Araroa Trail of 3200 kilometres in New Zealand to help raise $300,000 for the Creative Centre in Rarotonga.

On Day 38 of his journal, Talbot walked from Rakaia Gorge to Lake Coleridge cottage.

Talbot said from the Rakaia Gorge bridge he walked the gravel road of about five kilometres until it joined the main highway road into Lake Coleridge.

He walked through the dusty road to the main highway where he continued to walk further and hitched a ride with a local.

“He was good enough to take me to the right road (Homestead Rd) and we found the cottage based on the instructions. Found my home for the night.”

Talbot completed a total distance of 23.7 kms in 7.5 hours.

The next day Talbot walked to Harper Village campsite completing the distance of 25.4 kilometres in eight hours.

The following day he walked to Hamilton hut in 6.5 hours walking 19.9 kilometres and the following day he went on to Arthur’s Pass where it was rest day for Talbot.

He said: “Just lounging out in the communal area at the Sanctuary Hostel ... waiting for Geoff to make contact ... so I’m charging my battery pack as well ... Had my coffee back at the hostel.”

Talbot said at Geoff’s house he sorted his resupply box.

“Now I have seven days’ worth of food plus the resupply box in Boyle village (another five days’ worth) so for a 10-day stretch I have it well and truly covered.

“The forecast for the next three to four days is 70 per cent or higher chance of rain, I’ve had it lucky so far ... bring it on ... Will change the hike conditions but all good and I’m prepared for it.”

Talbot continues on to the Locke Stream Hut making sure that all of the Taramakau River crossings are done before the rain sets in.

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