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Talbot reaches Comyns Hut

Tuesday March 05, 2019 Written by Published in Local

Creative Trail walker James Talbot made it to Comyns Hut walking 20.4 kilometres from Manuka Hut in 10.5 hours following the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand.


Over the weekend he walked from Geraldine to Lake Emma.

He later trekked on to Manuka Hut where he walked a distance of 22 kilometres in 6.75 hours.

Talbot said the walk was tough and it was difficult to walk the metal roads of more than 12 kilometres.

On his Day 35 Journal Talbot said: “The walk out from Manuka Hut was initially a 4WD track across gravel and rubble so wasn’t too bad underfoot”.

He said once he passed Swin River he was back on a track again.

“Once again there was tussock everywhere and very little track it’s like they haven’t really made one, all you do is aim for the marker poles ... a bit frustrating ... and time consuming.

“Eventually got through the tussock and up to the mountain scrub heading towards Clent Hills Saddle which had some gnarly scree slopes to get across.”

Talbot made it to the Saddle in four hours walking nine kilometres.

He later went on to Round hill creek through more tussock and bog.

“I actually fell into a hole (no injuries just freaked me out a bit). The small creek meant I had a constant water supply.

“The creek joined the North Branch of the Ashburton river and the track zigzagged its way across the river probably at least 40 times ... I tried keeping my boots dry ... but it became too deep (mid-thigh at places) and too time consuming so I just barrelled through the water”.

He said he arrived at Comyns Hut at 6.30pm exhausted but pleased to have completed the section.

At the hut he met two French walkers Alexandra and Xavier and chatted, giving each other advice on the tracks they had completed.

Talbot said for the days walks, despite the tussock parts he enjoyed and the crossing the river was a challenge.

His next walk is another 15 kilometres to meet his next billet Rakaia George.

Talbot is walking the Te Araroa trail of 3200 kilometres aiming to raise $300,000 for the Creative Centre in Rarotonga.

So far through the Give a Little Creative Trail Feb 2019 page $8710 has been donated by 130 generous donors.

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