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Talbot continues walk to Lake Emma

Saturday March 02, 2019 Written by Published in Local
James Talbot at Stag Saddle during his walk in New Zealand. 19030101 James Talbot at Stag Saddle during his walk in New Zealand. 19030101

Creative Trail walker James Talbot is off to Lake Emma this weekend and is expected to be off network coverage for the next couple of days.


Talbot is walking the Te Araroa Trail of 3200 kilometres in New Zealand and says: “The journey is getting harder … but there's always going to be ups and downs.”

On Day 30 of his journal, Talbot walked from Camp Stream hut and had to bush camp after walking 24.3 kilometres in 11.25 hours.

He walked up and over a ridgeline that got to 1944 metres but reached the Stag Saddle of 1925 metres – this is the official highest point of the Te Araroa in 4 hours 40 minutes.

“I'm okay with that ... had lunch right at the top so that was pretty cool ... Also managed to walk over some snow ... most had melted away ... it also served as a nice icy refreshment by the handful to cool me down.

“Eventually got to the turn off to Forest Creek track which was a steep and long climb out of the valley until I crossed the Bullock Bow Saddle of 1692metres. Found a suitable place to bush camp.”

On Day 31 of his journal, Talbot walked on to Peel Forest Cabin.

He walked 14.3 kilometres in six hours and was offered a ride to the cabin.

“I sat down and started to think about the 40-kilometre long walk into Peel Forest when they kindly offered to take me there as they were driving right past ... so after walking for 6hours/14.3kms over really tough terrain I couldn't say no … Been a long hard day … I deserve a short ride.”

On day 32 of his journal Talbot continued his journey to Geraldine.

He said it was an easy walk compared to tracks and roads he had been on so far.

He got to Geraldine walking the distance of 24.3 kilometres.

Meanwhile, Talbot has raised $8550 through 127 generous donors through the Give a Little Creative trail Feb 2019 page.

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