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Day 27: Talbot at Camp Stream Hut

Tuesday February 26, 2019 Written by Published in Local
The Lakefront Backpackers Lodge. 19022506 The Lakefront Backpackers Lodge. 19022506

Creative Trail Walker James Talbot has made it to Camp Stream Hut.



The steep climb to Camp Stream Hut is part of Te Araroa Trail and Talbot is walking this trail of 3200 kilometres to raise funds for the Rarotonga Creative Centre.

He walked a distance of 17.6 kilometres in 6.5 hours from Lake Tekapo to get to the hut.

On Day 27 of Talbots Journal he said he camped at the Tailor made Backpackers at Tekapo.

Talbot said he needed to check out of the backpackers that day as it was three degrees Celsius and he did not have a good night’s sleep.

He checked into Lakefront Backpacker lodge two hours later where he got some time to write his journal.

The lodge, Talbot said: “Its a 5 bed mixed dorm tent ... a bit like an Arabian or Mongolian tent.”

Talbot said he got a shuttle from the backpackers to the trailhead at Boundary Stream for Monday (yesterday).

“All sorted so that will give me a 16km + head start up to Camp Stream hut.”

On Day 28 of his journal, Talbot said it was five degrees Celsius and raining.

He said walked to town for breakfast and looked over Lake Tekapo and viewed the snow covered peaks of the Two Thumb ranges, contemplating what the next few days would be like due to the snow.

Talbot said he rested on that day and was ready for the next three days of walk where he stars at 10am and the temperature is forecasted for -2 degrees Celsius.

“Forecasted temperature is at that time is -2°C with a high of 5°C, it’s 17 kilometres (about 6hours walk so should be at Camp Stream hut by 4pm or so ... It’s going to be cold, but I’m prepared and ready for it.

This next section is off coverage but I will still be writing my journals and send them through with pictures as soon as I get any coverage,” Talbot said.

So far through the Give a Little page there been 118 donors and $8130 has been raised so far.

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