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300 roses flown in for lovers

Thursday February 14, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Island Craft florist May Tagoy with the roses that are being delivered for Valentine’s Day today. 19021328 Island Craft florist May Tagoy with the roses that are being delivered for Valentine’s Day today. 19021328

More than 300 roses will be delivered around Rarotonga to mark today’s much-anticipated romantic Valentine’s Day.


While the women receive their red roses and chocolates, men will receive their Raro Man’s pack that includes a six-pack of Heineken - that is if the ladies did not forget.

Island Craft made this possible for couples who were excited to surprise each other with gifts.

Island Crafts package included a single rose for $15, a cupid pack of a single rose and chocolates for $35, the I Love You selection, which included three roses, a balloon and chocolates for $55 and biggest of the lot - six roses, wine, a balloon, chocolates and a teddy bear.

Florist May Tagoy said the roses sorted and sent out in time for today were more than last year.

“Everyday is love day but Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to show how one feels. It is that one special time of the year to pamper that one special person,” Tagoy said.

She said those who have ordered roses for today, were excited and eager to surprise their girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives.

The roses are specially ordered from New Zealand for the romantic event of the year.

A brief history of Valentine’s Day:

The event falls on the same day each year, February 14.

While it is commercialised, churches mark the day to honour Saint Valentine who was martyred on that date.

The most popular legend is that St Valentine - a priest from Rome - was arrested after secretly marrying Christian couples, who were being persecuted by Emperor Claudius II in the third century AD.

As helping Christians was considered a crime, St Valentine was imprisoned; while in jail he attempted to convert the emperor to Christianity and was condemned to death.

He was beaten with stones and clubs, before being beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate.

According to some, while in prison St Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and sent her a love letter signed “from your Valentine” on February 14, the day of his execution, as a goodbye.


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