Resort gets behind the climb

Friday February 08, 2019 Written by Published in Local

The new owners of Magic Reef Beach Bungalows in Arorangi have got behind their local Puaikura Volunteer Fire Brigade by sponsoring their Sky Tower Stair Climb challenge.


On  May 18, nine Puaikura volunteer firefighters will compete in the Sky Tower Stair Challenge in Auckland.

It is the 15th year of the heart-busting event that will see more than 1000 firefighters run up 52 floors, or 1103 steps.

Resort manager Gill Francis says they are very grateful they are to have such dedicated, courageous firefighters volunteering within their community.

“We are very privileged to have an amazing group of dedicated firefighters who will drop everything at any time of the day or night to help those in need.” Magic Reef Beach Bungalows felt it was such a worthy cause that they donated an incredible $5000 towards their efforts.

Francis says: “They have been working hard for this and we are very proud of what they are trying to achieve.”

The firefighters in the challenge will make the climb in full structural firefighting gear.

“This challenge is no easy feat and involves many months of training and preparation,” says Senior Firefighter Tarina Moorfield, who has completed the challenge three times before.

She describes the feeling of making it to the top: “For the first 10 floors you begin asking yourself why you would put yourself through such a task, but once you get over that hurdle, your focus turns to those who have suffered through any form of cancer, particularly leukaemia and blood cancers.

“Like most people, I have known someone who has suffered the distress of dealing with cancer. Putting ourselves through this experience of climbing the Sky Tower, as hard as it can be,  is nowhere near as painful as someone having to dealing with this horrible disease.

“We are grateful to be fit and well enough to make it to the top of the Sky Tower.”

The nine firefighters climbing the Sky Tower will be at the Punanga Nui markets this Saturday demonstrating what is involved in their challenge. They would love you to support them and come down and have a go. Or you can make donations on the webpage : Puaikura Volunteer Fire Brigade.  

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