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Day 10: Talbot adjusts to nature, walk continues

Thursday February 07, 2019 Written by Published in Local
Day 10: Talbot adjusts to nature, walk continues

James Talbot says he is now adjusting to nature and the groove of things as he continues his Creative Trail Feb 2019 walk in New Zealand.

In his latest update, Talbot said: “I'm in the groove of it now, I think ... just really adore the nature and the cool people I've met.”

Talbot is currently walking the length of New Zealand or the 3200km Te Araroa Trail, aiming to raise $300,000 for the Creative Centre in Rarotonga.

Walking to the Te Anau highway, Talbot said he was blessed.

He said he walked to a local motel, the Red Tussock Motel who wanted to meet him and donate some money.

Representative of the Motel Irene Benfell-Herron said it was great to meet James that morning.

“I have a huge admiration for his efforts and on behalf of us here at Red Tussock Motel, Te Anau all the very best and we are following you all the way. Hope the donation helps such a fantastic cause," she said in a Facebook post.

Meanwhile, Talbot later walked to 1.5 hours out to the Te Anau highway later got picked up by Rob.

He said Rob took him to the end of Mavora lakes and gave him some Kai Moana crayfish.

“Was sweet. I offered them money but they flat refused ... kindness goes a long way.”

Talbot said the weather was good for him and he arrived at the Taipo Hut.

He walked a distance of 32.2 kilometres in 10.5hours.

He said Taipo Huts did not have any room so he set up his tent nearby.

He added that he was getting closer to Queenstown.

So far $4870 has been donated from 85 donors through the Give a Little, Creative Trail Feb 2019 web page.

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