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Day Nine: 80 donors so far for Creative Centre fundraiser

Wednesday February 06, 2019 Written by Published in Local

James Talbot has acknowledged the number of people who have so far donated towards the Creative Centre’s respite care units in Rarotonga.


Talbot who has taken the challenge to walk the length of New Zealand or the 3200km Te Araroa Trail has so far raised around $4735 through 80 donors.

He aims to raise $300,000.

In his day nine journal, walking to Lake Te Anau, he said the route from the Aparima Hut to lower Princhester Hut was difficult as he had to pass through one to two metres high tussock fields with swamp underneath and very few markers to help along the way.

He said there were shallow streams and while he got wet - on the positive side he had a good supply of water.

Talbot said the final section was walking through the heart of the Takitimu Forest, which was dense,  overgrown and boggy.

He reached Princhester Hut walking 16 kilometres in 8.5 hours.

“As I arrived I had just missed a car leaving (could have got a lift) ... so I sat down and scoffed down some snacks had a big drink and walked out of Takitimu Forest (with pleasure) down the farm road.

“Got to the main highway ... Had just got my shoes off when a car pulled up and this woman Tash (who'd already picked up another hiker) offered me a lift into Te Anau.

“So both of us got dropped into Te Anau both giving her a big hug for the lift ... and went our separate ways. I wanted a campsite as soon as possible.”

Talbot said he eventually found a campsite at the Te Anau lakefront holiday park.

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