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Vaka hull given special welcome to New Zealand

Friday January 11, 2019 Written by Published in Local

A small welcome ceremony was held at the Ports of Auckland on the morning of January 9 for the port hull of the Vaka Marumaru Atua.


According to Polynesian protocol, it is customary, when sailing to and arriving in another country, to be welcomed by the tangata whenua of that land.

Representatives of the Tamaki Makaura Ngati Whatua attended the welcome along with Hoturoa and Kim Barclay-Kerr representing Te Toki Voyaging Trust.

Kaumatua Alex Hawke and Celes Hawke gave a karanga, followed by a whaikorero from Te Aroha Hawke.

The hull was shipped to New Zealand last month along with other components from the Marumaru Atua. It will be joined up with a new starboard hull being built by Lloyd Stevenson boat builders in Auckland. The vaka, which was damaged in a fire at Avatiu harbour last year, will then be restored to ocean-voyaging condition. The Cook Islands government is contributing $255,000 towards the project.

The voyaging society thanks Ports of Auckland for allowing the welcome ceremony to take place and Matson Shipping for sponsoring the cost of transporting the hull to New Zealand.

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