Proud to be a New Zealander...

Friday November 16, 2018 Written by Published in Local

After living in the Cook Islands for nearly 50 years, Ingrid Caffery felt happy and relaxed when she received her New Zealand citizenship certificate yesterday.


However, Caffery says she still holds her German passport, “It’s nice to have dual citizenship,” she says.

Caffery and five other recipients, were presented with their citizenship credentials by New Zealand High Commissioner Peter Marshall at Ngatipa yesterday afternoon.

During his opening address Marshall noted in his personal opinion there was not an occasion more important at Ngatipa than to officiate a New Zealand citizenship ceremony.

“I’m very privileged to be able to officiate on this particular occasion; it is very important.”

Congratulating the recipients, he also acknowledged family and friends who accompanied them on their journey.

Maria Talei Whippy-Samuela said she felt “amazing” after receiving her New Zealand citizenship saying, “I’m grateful and thankful, and very happy.”

She has lived in Rarotonga for 19 years.

After the formalities, the High Commission staff performed a beautifully-sung waiata that received plenty of applause.

Christopher Naora Benson, Ingrid Caffery, Caroline Mary Medway-Smith, Rory Liam Quirke, Edward Redman and Maria Talei Whippy-Samuela all took the oath/affirmation of allegiance. 

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