Six set to become New Zealand citizens

Wednesday November 14, 2018 Written by Published in Local

Six people will receive New Zealand citizenship tomorrow in a ceremony at Ngatipa, the NZ High Commissioner’s official residence.


The new New Zealanders will include Christopher Naora Benson (Fijian), Ingrid Caffery (German), Caroline Mary Medway-Smith (British), Rory Liam Quirke (Irish), Edward Redman (British) and Maria Talei Whippy-Samuela (Fijian). They will each read their oath/affirmation of allegiance during the ceremony.

New Zealand High Commissioner Peter Marshall will then present them with their certificates of citizenship.

The ceremony’s MC, deputy High Commissioner Samantha Beckett will meet the group and those accompanying them and the High Commissioner will deliver the opening address at 2.30pm.

Following the playing of the New Zealand National anthem, High Commission staff will perform a waiata.

Usually three New Zealand citizen ceremonies are held in the Cook Islands each year, but there is no limit on how many citizenships are given out annually.

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