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Louisa Purea is keen to become an advocate for the Cook Islands and Polynesia. 18073122 Louisa Purea is keen to become an advocate for the Cook Islands and Polynesia. 18073122

Here is another profile on one of the 2018 Miss Cook Islands finalists.

Name: Louisa Purea

Age:  20          

Vaka/Main Tribe: Te Au O Tonga, Mauke, Manihiki      Occupation: Business Development and Trades Promotion Officer

About Louisa:

Louisa is passionate about the Pacific and Polynesia.

Her love of dancing took her to Hawai’i as a member of the Cook Islands National Art Theatre (CINAT) and it was there her desire to learn more about Polynesia was born.

Louisa enjoys travelling, studying, loves to learn and is completing her Bachelor of Commerce at USP, her minor is in Pacific Studies.

Whilst Purea has entered this year’s pageant with encouragement from her Mum, it is her late Nena Ake Mateariki who asked her to join the pageant one year - this is that year. She has friends who have entered previous pageants and is hoping to develop her confidence and public speaking ability. The third of four siblings, she loves her family and has the support of them all.

Louisa is a business development and trades promotion officer at the Business Trade Investment Board. One day she intends to take over managing and expand her family’s small accommodation business. She is also keen to become an advocate and ambassador for the Cook Islands as well as Polynesia and her interest in Pacific Studies will no doubt assist her with this. She loves to keep fit, she enjoys attending regular fat burner classes, gym work outs,

and netball (she plays for Tupapa). Louisa started playing netball as a youngster but then lost interest. She picked it up again whilst attending Sacred Heart College in Napier and hasn’t stopped. Louisa is a frequent participant in cultural events. She has taken part in National Dancer of the Year (2012, 2017); Mire Tama (2012); Te Maeva Nui (2012, 2013, 2015); International Dancer of the Year (2017).  The other thing about Louisa is that she is a tidiness freak! She loves cleaning (especially around the house), and although this kind of work is tiring, she loves that feeling when everything is “nice, clean and tidy”.

She describes her style as casual, however, she’s always ready to dress up island style, complete with ei katu for special occasions.

Louisa loves helping in the kitchen at meal times. Raw fish with freshly-made coconut cream is her favourite meal and if asked to a pot luck dinner she’ll be bringing her specialty Raro Salad (mayonnaise).

            - Jaewynn McKay

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