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Salads tasty and good for you, too

Friday July 27, 2018 Written by Published in Local
Jakub Postrzygacz serves customers at his Oasis Hydroponics stall. 18041928 Jakub Postrzygacz serves customers at his Oasis Hydroponics stall. 18041928

On my weekly visit to the Punanga Nui market one recent Saturday I called at the Oasis Hydroponics stall and spoke to manager Jakub Postrzygacz.

He remarked that it was great to see families picking their favourite salad greens for Sunday lunch, or mothers selecting the juiciest mung beans to go into school lunch boxes.

Fresh lettuces are always the most popular item at the stall, although many customers prefer the convenience of ready-to-serve salad mixes, available in either mild or spicy flavour. The mesclun mix features many oriental greens including mizuna, tatsoi and mustard – perfect with fish or steak for that special dinner. 

With the base of the salad sorted, it is time to choose some delicious sprouts to go with it. You can buy dressings as well, all home-made and mouth-wateringly good. Finally, if you haven’t the patience or time to create your dream salad, you will be delighted with Jakub’s signature Sensational Salads, prepared while you wait. With over a dozen ingredients going into each salad and many flavour options available, it’s no wonder people keeping coming back for more every week.

The Punanga Nui market is open from 8 am to 12 noon on Saturdays and a few stalls and huts are also open during the week.

BlueSky has a stall where you can can top up your mobile phone and there is an island show sponsored by Highland Paradise.

The BSP operates a mobile ATM every Saturday and it is very handy as many of the market vendors do not take EFTPOS or credit cards and only accept cash. 

This ATM provides an instant access to cash and accepts local and international cards.  It also gives access to account balances and more. 

The mobile ATM is also taken to major events around the island and to the wharf when cruise ships call.  BSP is open in downtown Avarua until 12 noon on Saturdays.

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