Goat deaths blamed on ‘wild’ pack of dogs

Monday July 16, 2018 Written by Published in Local

A complaint to police last week following a vicious attack on a herd of goats by a pack of dogs has drawn attention once more to the continuing problem with uncontrolled dogs on the island.

Two female goats, each with a kid (baby goat), are reported to have been killed in an attack on Monday evening last week.

Police spokesman Trevor Pitt, who posted news of the attack on the Cook Islands Police Service Facebook page, later told CINews that because the police had just one dog control officer, a hunt for the dogs would need “some planning” due to issues with the availability of police officers to help out.

Pitt said the attack reportedly involved 12 dogs and occurred on Monday evening of last week between 6pm and 7pm.

“The dogs are said to be wild and roaming in the hills at Inave,” he added.

This latest incident follows a number of other dog attacks on goats and other domestic animals that have been reported this year. A similar attack earlier this year at a Kavera property is believed to have resulted in six goats being killed. A pack of dogs is also said to have been involved in that incident.

Earlier this year the police announced they intended to launch a campaign to shoot any unregistered dogs on the island. Arguments about the dog registration process and whether registrations were valid for a year or for the animal’s lifetime, soon ensued, and police were said to be looking into aspects of the laws relating to dog ownership. The idea of a shooting campaign now seems to have been abandoned.

Meanwhile, the dog problem on the island continues, with some owners chronically neglecting their animals and ignoring pleas from the local animal clinic for people to bring their dogs in for de-sexing.

The number of dogs running after vehicles and motorbikes also appears to be increasing, with one rider commenting to CINews recently that she was becoming afraid to ride her bike on the back road after being harassed by snarling and barking dogs.

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