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Road repairs ‘deplorable’

Monday February 26, 2018 Written by Published in Local

The deplorable state of sections of the Rarotonga road, particularly Muri and Titikaveka, has drawn the ire of Triad Group principal Chris Vaile, who has blasted the government for its waste of public money.


The prominent agitator Vaile, who has been in the road making business for over half a century, said he has never seen such a poor job done, due to the poor material being used.

“Anyone who has driven from Muri to Titikaveka in recent weeks will know there’s something very sick in our roadmaking capabilities,” Vaile says in his letter.

“The ruts, potholes and crumbling surface of brand new chip-seal is a total disaster and a complete waste of public money.”

Vaile’s letter comes in response to news of Wednesday’s Parliament session, when prime minister Henry Puna reported to the house on a road trip inspection he conducted around Rarotonga.

Puna said that he found certain areas of the roads to be in a state of disrepair, which promoted him to speak to the Infrastructure Cook Islands minister Teariki Heather.

A follow up question was directed at Heather by Opposition MP Tangata Vavia, about if the materials used on the roads were inferior.

Heather said that the only option moving forward was to keep patching the roads.

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