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Wednesday February 21, 2018 Written by Published in Local
Local lawyer Paul Lynch, with 22 years of experience in law in the Cook Islands, will run a land course starting on March 1. 18022017 Local lawyer Paul Lynch, with 22 years of experience in law in the Cook Islands, will run a land course starting on March 1. 18022017

Local lawyer Paul Lynch (U’anga Tauei Napa) will be running a land course starting on March 1, to help educate interested Cook Islanders on the subject.


The two-hour session from 7pm to 9pm will be held on March 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 at the Celebration on the Rock Church (opposite the airport).

The course titled “Unlocking Your Land, Business and Prosperity Dreams” will tackle a range of topics.

“The idea came from recently helping my brother and wife to access family land to build on and develop,” Lynch said.

“It is quite a complicated system here that many people do not know how or what to do. I did Land Court and Court and business in Rarotonga and the outer islands for many years since 1992.

“I want to share that specialised local knowledge to interested people who want to access their land and business dreams.”

Lynch said the contribution (registration fee) was very moderate to ensure people value the course information and commit to five weeks.

“The rate is $20 per hour, which  contrasts favourably against a normal lawyers’ charge of $200 per hour. That contribution can be deductible in your tax return, so in one sense, you get it back,” he said.

“The five two-hour evening sessions will be very informative and interactive.”

Registered participants will have to bring their genealogy, land names and papers as well as a positive attitude.

Teaching will be conducted in Papa’a (English) and Maori. Course materials, instruction, role plays, interactive information teaching and light refreshments will be provided.

The final registration will be held this Sunday at the Celebration Centre from 5- 6pm.

Lynch said registrations were coming in fast and only limited spots were available.

“Just come on Sunday 5pm and bring your contribution to pre-book a spot and receive your first course materials.”

All funds raised will go to community and missions projects.


Land: How to – Find out about your family Land interests in Rarotonga and the Outer islands, know your entitlements to land, understand legal terms and Court arrangements relating to land in the Cook Islands, read your family’s Land papers and Court Register Pages, access your family land, know your share in your family land, get family land into your name- Occupation Right or lease etc., utilise your land for your benefit (building or planting) and overcome problems with land

Business/Money: How to – turn your “business idea” or dream into reality, get a bank loan (home and/or business), get your finances in order, buy land or leases (Cook Islands or overseas), understand legal terms and arrangements, rent property out (making rental income from land and buildings), manage your assets and money, how to maximise your financial prosperity.


  • Comment Link Vaine Phillips Tuesday, 13 March 2018 15:19 posted by Vaine Phillips

    Hi Paul,
    I'll be over in Raro for research on my family tree, in October this year and believe I was adopted out by chance I find I'm link to some land? how do I go about registering? (shipped to NZ when I was 8/9 years old) as I don't have much time/day on hand at the most only 6 day stay..... I'm booked into a resort. It would be great to find out as I'm now in my 60's I have to two adult son's and 4 grand-children.... who knows maybe if there was land maybe my little family can make use of the land? 'if'
    Warm regards
    Vaine :-)
    P.S maybe if I have I can drop in to meet you in your office?

  • Comment Link Rose Tuesday, 27 February 2018 21:58 posted by Rose

    Hi Paul - this land101 course of yours sounds really great for all landowners. Neat idea just wish access wasn’t a problem like others I’m presently living in NZ. Perhaps you’ll run it again in the future. Good luck!

  • Comment Link Tony Mata Monday, 26 February 2018 00:00 posted by Tony Mata

    Kia orana any chance of having a workshop in Auckland new Zealand I'm very interested in this subject
    Kia manuia

  • Comment Link Anna Glassie Thursday, 22 February 2018 19:34 posted by Anna Glassie

    Hiya Paul
    I will be coming down to Raro on the 6th March can u book us into ur course on the 8th March thank u ra there will b 3 of us.
    Will c u then ok Paul
    Thank u

  • Comment Link Ngatokoa Mata Thursday, 22 February 2018 10:37 posted by Ngatokoa Mata

    Hi, Thank you for posting this on the cook island papers. I am very interested in listening what you got to offer in the coming month course about the land, however I don't stay in the cook island. Is there any course here where I can go to in NZ. I lost My Mother about a year ago and am freshly new about knowing things about the land. I have been battling and finding solutions how and what I need to do to succeed myself on the land.. my father is still alive and have been for years trying to go through families to find out how he could get his piece of land, as in those days I believe my grandfathers first name was actually my dads last this day dad knows he has land but where and how? Im not sure that's why I believe your course will help me understand more about our land..I will be over in September is there any chance you have a course during that month. Please let me know if you can help.
    Many thanks

  • Comment Link Tere Staples Thursday, 22 February 2018 07:15 posted by Tere Staples

    Kia Orana
    I am curently supporting and assisting mother's family in the intial airport, solar and land claim matters.
    The family will be requiring a lawyer knowledgeable in this area to represent them in the legalities pertaining to the claims amd court processes and monies owed to the rightful beneficiaries/title holders .
    What I'm wanting to enquire about is, what your costs are for such matters?

    Half family reside in Australia and half in New Zealand and will be having a family meeting in New Zealand end of May 2018. Pending your response that I can present to the family, we may look at retaining your service to assist in their claim matters.

    Yours sincerely
    Tere Staples

  • Comment Link Penny Wednesday, 21 February 2018 22:13 posted by Penny

    Can the course be conducted in outer islands too

  • Comment Link Peter Tuaere Wednesday, 21 February 2018 20:14 posted by Peter Tuaere

    I am currently in NZ but would like to book a spot for March 8th. Can i make payment upon my arrival?

  • Comment Link Muriwai Pomare Wednesday, 21 February 2018 20:04 posted by Muriwai Pomare

    I am unable to make your first sitting we arrive on the 6th of march but very keen to attend yoursecound coarse and all others.

  • Comment Link Tui Muriwai Wednesday, 21 February 2018 17:09 posted by Tui Muriwai

    With many of us Cook Islanders living overseas, is there any chance of this session being streamed online?

    Like an online course and make payment via credit card.

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