Deadline passes for Tiare Taporo

Wednesday February 21, 2018 Written by Published in Local

Despite a deadline imposed by the Ports Authority on Saturday requiring that the Tiare Taporo sail out into open ocean by Tuesday this week at the latest, the harbour-bound vessel owned by Pacific Schooners Ltd (PSL) was still in port when CINews went to print yesterday evening.


Neither had the Ports Authority received confirmation from PSL’s directors that the vessel’s engines had been started at that time, nor that any payment would be made by the company to cover their outstanding shed rental arrears.

Last Friday PSL made a payment of $4000 towards their outstanding port dues, which totalled more than $36,000 as per court documents filed on November 21, 2017.

A statement from the Ports Authority advised that its board will be meeting later this week. The authority’s solicitor has been instructed to advise PSL’s directors that if their vessel has by that time both started its engines and departed the harbour, as well as paid all monies outstanding to date, then Ports will abide by the terms of last November’s court-ordered settlement.

The Ports Authority statement also noted that the court itself has set a time limit for PSL to demonstrate viability. On tying up once more the Tiare Taporo will have to be fully compliant both financially and in terms of ongoing operability.

If PSL has not complied with the Ports Authority’s requirements by Friday, the board will be filing an urgent memorandum to the court.     

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