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Writing comp for kids

Monday February 19, 2018 Written by Published in Local

Ministry of Education learning and teaching advisor Jessica Le Bas is coordinating the competition and says any students from Year 7-13 can enter.


Many outstanding writing entries were made last year, and this year the Ministry of Education are expecting an even better response.

A collection of award winners and commended entries of last year’s memoir writing anthology was put together in a booklet and the education ministry congratulate all young writers who participated in the competition last year.

With the Cook Islands Heroes themed writing completion, students have an option of writing in English or Cook Islands Maori and stories are limited to 300 words.

Le Bas says a hero may be a person admired for achievements and noble qualities, an illustrious warrior, one who shows great courage or a mythological or legendary figure.

Le Bas says the competition is to encourage young people to write and express themselves through good writing.

“It is to show students that they can do this, and that everyone has inspirational stories to tell” she said.

Le Bas said writing informs reading and together they work to improve literacy.

The competition has three sections; Year 7-8, 9-10 and 11-13 and each has a Maori and English category.

Each entry must be the work of the student and include the students name, school, year level and word count.

All entries are to be submitted before Friday August 17, either by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or delivered to the Ministry of Education office in Nikao.

Winning entries in each section will be announced on September 7.


From further information call Ministry of Education 29357x276.

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