Heavy seas cut voyage to the north

Tuesday February 13, 2018 Written by Published in Local
The Lady Moana clears Avatiu harbour on its way to Palmerston last week. 18021216 The Lady Moana clears Avatiu harbour on its way to Palmerston last week. 18021216

At least one of the Lady Moana’s passengers seems to have made the right call when a chance of heavy seas convinced them to opt out of the boat’s planned voyage to Pukapuka via Palmerston and Nassau last week.


The Taio Shipping Services-owned vessel departed Rarotonga on Thursday afternoon, reporting smooth seas and fine weather before arriving at Palmerston on Friday.

Poor weather upon arrival prevented them from going any further however, and the decision was made to return to Rarotonga.

“They arrived into Palmerston alright but the weather was quite terrible,” said Taio Shipping Services director Josh Taio.

“They got the passengers off, however it just ended up being too rough, so the captain opted to sail back.”

At the time CINews spoke to him, Taio was unsure whether two medical patients requiring transport from Palmerston to Rarotonga had been picked up or not – the original plan being to have picked them up on the way back from Pukapuka.

A call to Rarotonga Hospital confirmed that the two patients had not been admitted, indicating they are presumably still on Palmerston.

Another patient with dental problems was also awaiting the Lady Moana’s arrival on Nassau.

Also still in Nassau is the Moana Nui, which remains trapped in the island’s harbour entrance over being stranded on the reef for over a year.

A team onboard the Lady Moana was set to assess the situation at Nassau and decide how the Moana Nui should be disposed of, but that will now have to wait until the next voyage, which Taio said would be “in a couple of days”.

“When we do the next trip back through Palmerston and then up to Pukapuka, they’ll complete their mission at Nassau,” he said.


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