Rongomatane successor

Tuesday January 23, 2018 Written by Published in Local

Nicholas Nicholls has been confirmed by the kopu ariki to succeed to the throne of Rongomatane.


The announcement was made last week at a meeting of the kopu ariki (the five tribes of the Kea family).

Kopu ariki spokesperson Apii Porio said the decision was unanimous, and that he was proud that the Rongomatane tradition for ariki selection was clear.

Nicholas is the eldest child of the late Ada Rongomatane and Ernest Nicholls. When accepting the appointment, Nicholas asked for a year before taking up the title in order to sort out his work and life in Australia.

In the meantime, Nicholas’s uncle Tauu Porio will carry out the work that comes with the title. The kopu ariki have delivered all notices according to custom to start the preparations for Nicholas’s inauguration. A spokeman for the kopu ariki said the exact date was yet to be set.

However, the date for the unveiling of the late Ada Rongomatane’s headstone is likely to be her 70th birthday on August 20.

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