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Fun and games keep youngsters occupied

Monday January 15, 2018 Written by Published in Local
Inangaro, Vaiala and Ngametua are excited to go back to school this year. 18011213 Inangaro, Vaiala and Ngametua are excited to go back to school this year. 18011213

The bliss of being young and innocent with not a care in the world, is a life we older people can only dream of.


Three youngsters - Inangaro Terepai, Ngametua Terepai and Vaiala were seen at Punanga Nui Market this week, playing together along the stream.

School students are well into their holidays with only two more weeks and these three children were making the most of their break before school starts again on January 29.

Inangaro and her twin brother Ngametua said they had been coming to the market most days because their mother runs a food shop there.

“We love coming down here,” Inangaro said.

“We get to play with our friend Vaiala. Her dad cooks at a shop next to ours.”

Six-year-old Ngametua said they often work in the food shop to help their family.

“We clean the dishes and help our family cook fish and pancakes for the customers.”

However, the children meet together for most of the day by the stream behind their parents’ shops and play all sorts of games.

Seven-year-old Vaiala said they throw rocks into the stream and watch the fish, including eels, swim past them.

“It’s so exciting when we see things swim past us.”

Inangaro says they also watch movies on a laptop computer and play games on an iPad.

“We like watching Spongbob Square Pants because it’s funny. Especially the way he laughs,” she said.

The three youngsters said the best day of their holidays was going to the Santa Parade before Christmas.

“I liked seeing the Christmas hats and catching the lollies that the people were throwing.

“We also saw Shrek, Mikey Mouse and Minnie Mouse walking on the road,” Inangaro said.

Christmas Day was a memorable time for the trio, especially when they received their presents.

Twins Ngametua and Inangaro said they spent their day at Edgewater Resort.

“We went swimming and played ‘hide and go seek’ and ‘under-dog water’ in the pool.

“Then we came back to our table to open our presents.”

Ngametua said he received a toy gun for Christmas, while his sister got a bow and arrow.

Vaiala said she got a skipping rope and a bike helmet to keep her safe.

As much as the children are loving their holidays, they all said they were looking forward to starting school again this year.

The twins, who go to Apii Avarua, said school is important because they learn lots of things.

“We learn maths, English, and lots of stuff,” Ngametua said.

“When I grow up, I want to be a teacher and help teach children the alphabet,” he said.

Inangaro says she wants to be a doctor.

“I want to check people when they are sick,” she said.

Vaila who attends St Joseph’s Primary School, said she also wanted to be a teacher when she grows up.

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