Cook Islands woman passes away on flight

Tuesday January 09, 2018 Written by Published in Local

The elderly woman who passed away on a Jetstar flight from Rarotonga bound for Auckland last week was a Cook Islander.


The person died on Jetstar flight JQ 130 after a medical incident.

In an email to CI News, a Jetstar spokesman said there had been a “medical incident” on board flight JQ130 from Rarotonga to Auckland.

However he did not confirm the death.

“Our flight crew called in medical services and the police who met our aircraft on arrival in Auckland,” the spokesperson said.

The aircraft arrived at Auckland Airport on early Thursday morning (CI time).

According to 1 NEWS, paramedics and police were called by Jetstar staff mid-flight to meet them at the airport, but unfortunately the person had passed away by the time the plane landed. A passenger on the flight told 1 NEWS: “They did CPR for a little while and then called over the plane asking for any nurses or doctors to make themselves present.

“That went on for a while. It would been maybe like 30-60mins of CPR.

“Eventually they closed the curtains at the back and then when we started to descend a bit three guys helped lift the lady up on to the very back row of seats where she lay with her friend.”

            - Rashneel Kumar/1 NEWS

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