Small school celebrates big success

Friday December 15, 2017 Written by Published in Local
First overall year six student Teremoana Rae with her mother Teremoana. IMG 0654 First overall year six student Teremoana Rae with her mother Teremoana. IMG 0654

Teaching staff had prayed the rain would hold off for Apii Rutaki’s prize-giving, and it did.


The sun finally came out on Tuesday morning and shone down as students were rewarded for their year’s hard work.

Parents were in for a treat as the school’s littlest pupils from Apii Potiki performed a heart-warming kapa rima and drum dance on stage. Year’s one to six students also performed their own entertaining items. 

In his opening speech, assistant Pastor John Andrew from CICC Arorangi said parents should also be praised for getting their children off to school for the past 12 months.

“Today that investment has paid off, with the students making their parents proud,” he said.

For over three hours parents and family members showered the top students with ei as the sun beat down on the smiling youngsters on stage.

“We prayed for a beautiful day, and the Lord heard our prayers” said principal Nooroa Ingaua.

“It’s a joyous day to see the kids receiving their awards for their achievements and to see the support from the parents. But it’s also a sad day too, for me to be finishing and not being able to see the progress of the rest of their schooling at Rutaki.”

The prizegiving was supported by parents, Tinomana Tokerau Ariki, Queen’s Representative Tom Marsters and his wife Tuaine, and representatives from 46 local sponsors.

Ingaua said there were four students already developing towards the top position next year, following in the footsteps of Teremoana Rae who took home the Rutaki Dux award for 2017, coming top in multiple subjects.  

Former student, and staunchly proud Apii Rutaki “Ambassador to the World”, Tuaine Marsters spoke sentimentally of the school she loves, having been a founding student over 50 years ago.

She encouraged former pupils to return in 2024 to celebrate the school’s 60th diamond jubilee.

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